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3D MDF Sculptured Panels

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3D MDF Sculptured Panels

Our 3D MDF sculptured stardard panels are made from...

Our 3D MDF sculptured stardard panels are made from the best quality MDF in the United Kingdom and are ready sanded and primed for easy installation. Panels are smooth and primed in a white finish ready for painting. Our stardard size MDF 3D wall panel is 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm. All panels are a continuous match on 4 sides and be installed horizontal or vertical. It is advisable to acclimatize the panels in the room they are to be installed in for 3/4 days. Our panels can be painted or sprayed in most finishes.

Our MDF 3D wall panels have great textured 3D surface, which are ideal for creating feature walls with amazing lighting effects. Choose from our beautiful contemporary designs, all of our MDF 3D wall panels are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Please be careful where you buy from and make sure the product is manufactured in the United Kingdom for the very best quality MDF panels.


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